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Write a java program to compare two strings lexicographicall

Write a java program to compare two strings lexicographically. Using the compareTomethod for comparing the String .
compareTo method is compare the string is based on the unicode value of character .
It return the positive negative and zero value.
if the string are same it return the zero value otherwise it positive or negative value depend on ASCII value of the character .
for example
1st string is s1 = middle
2nd string is s2 = niddle
so it return the value is -1.
bcoz the value of m is 77 and value of n is 78 (ASCII)
so 77 -78 = -1
so the return value is -1 . import java.util.*; class Main { publicstaticvoid main(String[] args) { Scanner obj = new Scanner(; String s1; String s2; s1 = obj.nextLine(); s2 =obj.nextLine(); if(s1.compareTo(s2)==0){ System.out.println("string are equal"); } else{ System.out.println("not "+s1.compareTo(s2)+" is difference "); } } }

Amazing and gorgeous calculator theme.

Calculator Amazing and gorgeous calculator theme. % UR x2 1/x CE C BK / 789*456-123+ %0 . = Calculator If You wanna to show the coding of this theme click on this Button

Turtle (python)

clever import turtle # give the turtle name; clever = turtle.Turtle() clever.color('green') clever.speed(0) def draw_square(): for side in range(4): clever.forward(100) clever.right(90) for anothersquare in range(4): clever.forward(50) clever.right(90) draw_square() def lotofsquare(): for square in range(30): clever.color('green') draw_square() clever.penup() clever.forward(20) clever.left(50) clever.pendown() lotofsquare() IF WE WANT TO SEE OUTPUT CLICK THE BELOW LINK Click Me!